Quantitative Soldering

  • QUICK 9R393T

    QUICK 9R393T

    • High power design and large heat capacity ensure stable soldering temperature.
    • The patented solder wire quantitative feeding mechanism guarantees precise and stable solder feeding.
    • It adopts new heating element, has wide temperature range, no oxidation, no sticking tin, long service life and achieves fast soldering at the high temperature.
    • The unique soldering pen structure design effectively prevents solder explosion and has a high consistency of solder joint in appearance.
    • The most suitable tip shape is designed for the device pin structure, so the soldering is reliable.
    • Solder Wire Parameters: 0.2-1.2mm
    • Solder Cutting Length: 0.4-1.7 mm * 4 sections
    • Temperature Range: 50-550 ℃
    • Heating Controller Power: 300 W
    • Soldering Pen Model: 9019
  • QUICK 9R393J

    QUICK 9R393J

    • Overall Power: 500W
    • Heating Power (Max): 200Wx2
    • Clamping Chuck Regulating Range: 2.5mmx2
    • Solder Cutting Length: (0.8mm–2.5mm)x4sections
    • Applicable Solder Wire Diameter:0.3–1.2(mm)