Laser BGA Rework System




The laser BGA rework system is applied with the laser heating method; its principle is that the laser acts on the surface of the chip after being expanded, reflected and focused, and the surface heat is diffused to the inside through heat conduction; the laser pulse width, energy, peak power and repetition frequency are precisely controlled by digitization to melt the solder ball and solder joint after reaching the melting point, and to weld the processed workpieces by laser. It is applicable to the surface mounting and rework of components of dense assembly products, etc. 


  • Fine welding, bright and beautiful solder joints.
  • High welding speed, small thermal deformation, only heating the surface of the reworked component, small impact on the periphery, preferred choice for the dense welding.
  • Uniform temperature and precise control of the reflow curve.
  • No nozzles required to be replaced, heating graphs programmable.
  • 21.5-inch touch screen, heating graphics drawn by the high-precision touch pen.


Power Supply

220V  AC  50 Hz

Total Power

3500 W (Max)

Laser Type

Optical laser

Laser Power


Spot Size

Φ1 - 3 mm

Heating Programmable Range

60 mm * 60 mm

Heating Scan Speed

100 - 7000 mm/s

Bottom Preheating Area

300 mm * 300 mm

Bottom Preheating Power

3200 W

Max. PCB Size

320 mm * 350 mm

Preheating Temperature Range Of PCB

Room temperature - 200℃

Aligning Accuracy

± 0.02 mm


 About 300 kg

Overall Dimensions (L* W *H)

1280 * 1020 * 1700 mm