Hot Air Type BGA Rework System: QUICK 7720

    • QUICK 7720

      QUICK 7720



    • Integrated design, high degree of intelligent automation.
    • Advanced working principle, organic combination of large-area infrared preheating and bottom-specific hot air heating.
    • Excellent heating materials adopted to ensure the quality of desoldering and the stability of long-term use of the equipment.
    • Strong cross-flow fan, the controllable air speed, and achieving the ideal cooling rate according to the process requirements.
    • It can be controlled by QUICKSOFT, to facilitate the operation.


    General Power

    4200 W (Max.)

    Power Supply

    220 V AC 50 Hz

    Top Hot Air Heating Power

    1200 W

    Bottom Preheating Power

    400 W * 4 = 1600 W (infrared heating plate)

    Bottom Hot Air Heater Power

    1200 W

    Bottom Radiation Preheating Size

    260 mm * 260 mm

    Side Cooling Fan Air Speed

    ≤ 3.5 m3 /min

    Hot Air Heating Temperature

    400 ℃ (Max)

    Preheating Temperature Range

    400 ℃ (Max)

    Max. Circuit Board Size

    420 mm * 380 mm

    External K Type Temperature Measurement Port

    3 channels


    Standard RS-232 C (connected with PC)


    About 50 kg

    Overall Dimensions (L*W*H)

    650 * 570 * 500 mm